|Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist & Additional Planning Tools|

"Anna, are you a wedding planner?"

I've been asked this question at several weddings where I have helped the bride with anything from setting up the card table to running the entire reception setup the night before the wedding. Then the same person will wave and smile at me when I'm double checking all the details before the guests arrive for the ceremony.

While working for a premier catering and event planning company I learned the in's and out's of what it takes for a wedding day to go smoothly and be enjoyable for everyone, even the bride.

A flawless event requires three things...
1. Professional Vendors
2. Dependable Friends and/or Family Members, and, ultimately
3. Good Planning

While I can't provide you with the top cake-makers or DJ's in your area and you have to pick the friends or family members you can trust to share some of your responsibilities, I can provide you with good planning resources.

Before I began planning my wedding I created my own extensive checklist through online research, reading through lots of wedding materials, and collecting all that I witnessed at events. This significant list led me through each step of my wedding planning experience. Not only did I survive, but I enjoyed my wedding planning and had a glorious wedding day!

I hope these resources will assist you as you plan your special day.

Good luck, don't forget to enjoy your engagement, and happy planning!

|| Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist ||

As mentioned above, this ultimate checklist is a collection of items and tasks from multiple sources all organized into a wedding count down to walk you through your wedding planning experience.

|| Wedding Day Sample Schedule of Events ||

This is a MUST, and you'll benefit from have one for the rehearsal as well. You should create the initial draft of this schedule near the beginning of your planning process and edit it as you go along. When your schedule is finalized, make sure to send it to all members of the wedding party, the bride's and groom's parents, all vendors, and have extra copies to hand out when you first gather at the rehearsal site. The final schedule will also lead you in assigning who is responsible for each individual task so you don't have to do anything on the wedding day - except be the bride, of course!

|| Sample Photography Wish List ||

Help out your wedding photographer by preparing a list of all the shots you want taken on your wedding day. Share this list to your photographer several weeks before and have an extra copy to give your photographer on your wedding day. Then, step aside and let the photographer be the 'boss' of the photo-taking time. Say "cheese!" and enjoy the spotlight!

|| Your Wedding Planning "Quick Reference" Guide ||

Once you decide on your vendors (and your ceremony and reception sites) put all of their full contact information in one organized document. Ask a dependable friend or family member to be your 'point person' for the wedding day. Give them a copy of this quick reference guide along with the event schedule. It is also a good idea to walk through the day with them a couple weeks before. While you, the bride, are getting dressed, being in the pictures, etc. this person can be checking in with the vendors (musicians, caterers, DJ, etc.) as they arrive.

I hope you find these ideas and materials helpful to your planning.
Send me an email if you have any questions.

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