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Acacia (ah-kay-sha) is an exotic tree found in tropical and warm temperate regions. Deriving from Greek, Acacia gets its name from akis – a sharp point. In the book of Exodus, in the Bible, God instructed Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant from acacia wood (Exodus 25 & 26), along with the altar and portions of the Tabernacle. Also, the “burning bush” (Exodus 3:2) may have been an acacia tree based on the area’s geography.

When you hire Acacia Design, you hire Anna Gilbert.

Throughout my career I have discovered, and re-discovered, that I am wired for marketing. After my college training in communications, public relations and advertising, I pursued event planning. This led me to see how marketing is not only a plan, but can be what you see, smell, and experience as well. Since then I have also learned that successful marketing includes strategic planning: asking the right questions, digging for the answers, pulling together succinct goals and objectives, and then moving forward with clear action.

Surrounded by good, and bad, examples of marketing in the form of graphic design I was won over by the opportunity to create. I want to create aesthetic pieces that have a clear purpose.

Marketing materials should be art that catches your eye, but also causes you to consider something new. A logo should attract, an advertisement should persuade, a website should inform and interact.

Whether strolling the sidewalks of Philadelphia, commuting through the streets of New York City, meandering through Mechanicsburg neighborhoods, or gliding along the river by the Capital city of Harrisburg, I provide my clients with a fresh perspective on their marketing project.

Working with Acacia Design is personal, professional, and practical (aka cost effective). I will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

I currently live with my family in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

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